unveiled its tablet-specific Android 3.0 OS at CES to a flurry of excitement thanks to some pretty exciting new tablet-focused additions to the already impressive OS. But, with a preview of the SDK only just released to developers , we won’t be seeing Honeycomb on our Android tablets for a little while; in the meantime, whet your appetite with our round-up of the key new features. There’ll be 3D-effect graphics You can’t swing a cat without hitting something 3D (literally) in the tech world these days, and knows it. Honeycomb offers developers the opportunity to use high-performance 3D graphics which should offer no noticeable lag, even with the extra rendering required. This means we’ll see 3D creeping into our apps, wallpapers and carousels as the developers get to grips with the extra dimension.

1f866c375500 200.jpg Android Honeycomb: 10 things you need to know

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Android Honeycomb: 10 things you need to know