For whatever reason, the paths of paintball and robotics development have tended to converge . Latest in maintaining this fine tradition is the Mega Hurtz drone you see above, designed by a chap named Chris Rogers. It features a reconfigurable weapon platform — so yes, you can spruce it up into a modern-day ED-209 — equipped with a night-vision camera, a thermal imaging camera, and a laser scope. The paintball gun Chris has installed on the Mega Hurtz can rip through 20 rounds each second and tilt both vertically and horizontally for more refined aiming. It comes with a remote control feeding of what the drone sees to the user, so all you’ll really need to dominate your next wargame with the Mega Hurtz will be a generous helping of ruthlessness.

549ac07254n86ghk.jpg 450x262 Mega Hurtz paintball robot is the remote controlled, armor plated tank you always wanted

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Mega Hurtz paintball robot is the remote-controlled, armor-plated tank you always wanted (video)