has unveiled that it is putting its Earth imagery to interesting use, showing off what the upcoming royal wedding route looks like in pixel form.

In what is a pretty decent advertisement for the work that has gone into replicating London in 3D, the folks at Google Earth has made a video of the route the wedding will take.

Royal rumble “With this new 3D data covering the royal procession route, you can indulge yourself in a ‘royals’-eye’ view to see the same sights that William and Catherine will see,” said Phil Verney, program manager, Google Earth and Maps, in a blog . “This new 3D imagery isn’t limited to the royal parade route. Thousands of buildings are available, so people from around the globe can digitally experience the beauty of London.” And it’s not just buildings but also trees, with Varney noting: “We’ve modelled five different species of trees, and virtually planted more than 12,000 individual trees in St James’ Park, Green Park and Hyde Park.”

6557fa244500 200.jpg Google Earth shows off royal wedding route in 3D

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Google Earth shows off royal wedding route in 3D