has taken the smartphone world by storm over the past year or two. Smartphones with ’s OS have proved even more popular than the game-changing , and we’ve been thinking about the reasons why.

Most smartphone manufacturers have been left floundering in the wake of Android, with devices from Blackberry and Nokia looking particularly old hat. From the innovative and easy to use interface, to the apps on offer, there are lots of reasons for this.

No restrictions

One of the great things about Android is the fact there are no limits or restrictions. It’s easy to access or transfer all your files without having to resort to software like iTunes, and developers can create games and apps without needing permission from Android before they can be uploaded to the Android Marketplace.


There’s no doubt that the Apple iPhone OS is one of the best mobile phone operating systems we’ve ever seen, but you’ll be very restricted in terms of hardware. We love Android for the variety it offers, and we think you guys feel the same. With Android, you can choose from tens of different mobile phones – from big touchscreen devices to incredibly compact ones, feature-packed handsets to smartphones with sliding QWERTY keypads.


It’s not just the hardware that differs on Android smartphones, either. The different manufacturers – including HTC , Samsung and Sony Ericsson – also feature different user interfaces, making it possible to choose a phone that best suits your requirements. Each manufacturer offers different skins over the top of Android, and feel completely different to use.


Apple changed the smartphone world when it released the iPhone, and it’s taken manufacturers a few years to catch up. Android finally offers a similar experience, making it easy for users to get the best out of their smartphones. With Android, you’ll find an attractive touchscreen environment, lots of finger-friendly icons, and an intuitive and easy to use experience. Because of this, it’s easy to see why Android is becoming increasingly popular.

Free apps

With the ability to develop apps for the Android Marketplace without needing verification from Android, there are thousands of apps available for nearly any need. The choice of free apps is staggering, letting you personalise your Android device and stay entertained on the move. It’s also easier than ever to download and install apps.

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