When the was first introduced back in 2007, white was the only colour you could get. Fast forward to the fourth generation of ’s smartphone, though, and you can’t get a white for love or money. We still don’t know exactly why that is – after all, it was shown on stage by Steve Jobs when unveiling the black version mid-last year, but whatever the , it looks like Apple has got to the bottom of it and is finally ready to unleash its iconic white handset on the world. Apple vice-president Phil Schiller revealed as much this week when he wrote on Twitter: “the white iPhone will be available this spring (and it is a beauty!)” Rumours to that effect had already been doing the rounds, but it’s the first time an official Apple source has gone on the record to confirm that the lesser-spotted handset is indeed incoming. Many observers had doubted Apple would press ahead with plans to release the white iPhone 4 so close to the iPhone 5’s expected announcement in June. And indeed, some are interpreting the fact that Schiller says only the “white iPhone” rather than the “white iPhone 4” as a sign that in fact he’s referring to the iPhone 5’s unveiling and that in his book, June still qualifies as “spring”. We’ll simply have to wait and see.

db9f8664bfize 11.jpg White iPhone officially confirmed by Apple

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White iPhone officially confirmed by Apple