auction site is to give its users 50 free listings a month as from next month in a bid to lure them back to the site. has seen its appeal fade in recent years with the emergence of Amazon Marketplace, which offers users the peace of mind and convenience of acting as a mediator between buyer and seller, lessening the amount of direct contact needed between the two. But hopes the lure of free listings will attract users to using the auction service again, and to sweeten the deal further plans to charge a lower commission on sold items from July. “We think these changes will really improve the marketplace for both buyers and sellers. We’re listening to our customers. We’re trying to understand their needs,” said vice president Todd Lutwak. Another change in the pipelines is an increase to the commission charged on postage – ’s way of trying to encourage users to offer free shipping as standard.

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eBay offers 50 free listings a month for all