Here is your chance to own a piece of British maritime history. The Royal Navy’s former flagship HMS Ark Royal has been put up for sale on the Ministry of Defence’s auction website.

Just two weeks after the Ark Royal aircraft carrier was decommissioned after 25 years in service at its home port of Portsmouth Naval Base, Hampshire, it has been listed for sale.

Proposals for the Royal Navy’s former flagship include turning it into a commercial heliport, a base for personnel during the London Olympics or a nightclub and school in China. But, it could also be sold for scrap like its sister ship HMS Invincible, which was sent last week to a scrapyard in Turkey.

The Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) arm of the MoD runs the website , on which the 10,000-ton warship is listed for sale. Bidding is open until June 13, 2011.

The site also lists three Type-42 destroyers – the HMS Exeter, HMS Southampton and the HMS Nottingham. About HMS Ark Royal: The 211.4 meter long HMS Ark Royal was the flagship of the Royal Navy, the third and final Invincible-class light aircraft carrier. It was built by Swan Hunters on the River Tyne and launched in 1981 by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.

Also known as The Mighty Ark, she is the fifth Royal Navy ship to bear the name of the 1587 flagship that defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588. She covered 621,551 nautical miles during her career.

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Royal Navy’s HMS Ark Royal aircraft carrier up for grabs