had the high-end smartphone market to itself for several years with the original , but it appears that rivals – running in particular – have finally caught up when it comes to software, at least if Phones 4u customers are to be believed.

Ever since the first Android smartphone was released, manufacturers have been tweaking and refining their handsets in a bid to take on the Apple iPhone. According to a poll by phone retailers Phones 4u, it seems to have been worth the effort, with 36 per cent of those responding putting Android at the top of their favourite operating system list. In comparison, only 26 per cent opted for the iOS operating system found on the Apple iPhone.

Granted, the report wasn’t that big – there are tens of millions of iOS and Android users, so extrapolating from the 596 respondents won’t give cast iron results, but it’s still interesting to see what you guys on the highstreet think. Pushing Android as the future for mobile phones, Phones 4u Marketing Director Russell Braterman stated: “We’re listening to our customers by ensuring we can offer them a wide range of Android devices, with a number of new Android mobile phones launching at Phones 4u over the coming weeks.”

We’d be interested to know what you think, however. Do you agree with the 596 people that responded to the poll, or would you rather have an Apple iPhone or other device? Let us know in the comments below.

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