After playing Total War: Shogun 2 , one of my concerns was how I would view subsequent Total War games. As far as I’m concerned, The Creative Assembly has now perfected the Total War formula, so to play another might result in feelings of, “Oh, this again. Hm.”

The same fear now applies to the first-person shooter genre post- , but not because the game is perfect (although it’s pretty decent). It’s just that we’re done here*.

Someone needs to stand up and say, “Folks! We get it: you know how to create point-and-click shooty games with big explosions. Can we please move on?”

Crysis 2 has a proud lineage. Crysis , released for the PC in 2007, still stands as one of the best-looking games ever created. (For better or worse, the first thing anyone is going to discuss when it comes to a Crytek game is how it looks.)

The engine powering the game has since been made to do some pretty incredible things, from rendering scenes from the movie Blade Runner to making virtual trees look better than the real thing. The gameplay itself was solid but not spectacular: the first, say, two-thirds was engrossing—the jungle was a perfect setting, and the KPA was a perfect enemy—, but it fell off a cliff once the other appeared.

Its predecessor, 2004’s FarCry , generated similar interest, maybe even more so since nothing at the time even came close to matching its visuals. That’s one of the problems with Crysis 2, that you can’t say it blows away everything else that’s available.

You don’t have to look hard to find people who are convinced that the first game looks better the sequel. (There’s a 3D mode, and while I played it at an EA event several weeks ago and thought it looked quite spiffy indeed, I don’t have a 3D monitor as part of my regular gaming setup so I can’t really address it here. But if you can, you really ought to trying playing in 3D. Not that it’s the only 3D shooter available—I can think of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Metro 2033 off the top of my head—but you get the idea that Crytek is particularly proud of its work here.)

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