Most people over the age of 20 will remember the ViewMaster that let you see slideshows from your favorite movies and cartoons in . Shabby, static , but still. Well, Hasbro has put out a product that, while it sounds ridiculous at first, is actually sheer genius. Replace the slide wheels with an ! It’s brilliant!

What you do is download an app and some content, then attach the iPhone to the end of the viewer goggle-thing by means of a special bracket (there’s one for every iPhone or iPod touch model). It sits securely in there and shows the two stereo images, which the goggles make into one awesome, totally self-contained 3D content. A

dd headphones and your kids will do this for days. Right now there are no brand names, and the programs (Shark Simulator, Santa Monica Pier Simulator, Starfish Simulator) might not actually be enough to hold a kid’s attention for more than 15 or 20 minutes, but hey, it’s just the launch titles. The idea is solid as hell. And it only costs $35! More for the apps, of course, but hey!

It’ll be available at Target on April 3rd, and you’ll probably be able to order it online shortly after. There should be more info at when that goes up.

deedd9478cighres.jpg 450x320 Actually A Fantastic Idea: Hasbro’s My3DNow 3D iPhone ViewMaster

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Actually A Fantastic Idea: Hasbro’s My3DNow 3D iPhone ViewMaster