is celebrating its 20th anniversary. To commemorate, the Foundation created an infographic that highlights events in the past 20-years from the open-source movement. its also launching a video contest that will be judged by founder Linus Torvalds.

Linux is arguably the best example of how open-source has attracted a worldwide developer community. It’s a group that has made perhaps the most significant contributions to the world’s technology infrastructure.

Highlights from the timeline show how much has been achieved:

1991: Linus Torvalds posts message: “Hello everyone out there,” and releases first Linix code.

1993: Black Whale introduces first stand alone distribution.

1994: Linus visits an aquarium, gets bit by a penguin and adopts the animal as the Linux mascot.

1999: Red Hat goes pubic.

2003: Torvalds appears on the cover of Business Week in story that says Linux is a business success.

2007: Linux Foundation is formed to promote projects and standardize Linux.

2010: Linux-based Android operating system becomes a huge success.

2011: Linux turns 20 and powers the world’s businesses, stock exchanges and supercomputers.

A video from the Linux Foundation does a nice job explaining the history.

The Linux Foundation is also conducting a video contest. This year’s contest will commemorate the 20th anniversary of Linux. It will seek the best user-generated videos that celebrate Linux while demonstrating the impact of the operating system on computing, business and/or culture over the last 20 years and today.

More information about the contest is available on the Linux Foundation Web site .

 Linux Celebrates its 20th Anniversary and the Story of its Roots

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Linux Celebrates its 20th Anniversary and the Story of its Roots [Infographic]