It’s free bank holiday day on Friday, or the royal wedding , as it’s otherwise known. While many will be tuning in on TV, plenty are planning on squeezing into central London to see the event in person. So what do the extra hordes of tourists mean for reception? In a pleasingly transparent move, O2′s revealed some of the figures it’s anticipating – and how it’s going to cater to them. As you can imagine, more people using their mobiles within the vicinity of the same cell tower puts a lot of strain on a network – O2 says it’s expecting 300,000 extra customers within central London on Friday, all making calls, sending texts, and even streaming video, and requiring as many as 283 cell towers. By contrast, this month’s London Marathon saw 43,333 extra customers in the area. In other words, you can expect the centre of town to be six times busier than that, with people gobbling up 3G left, right and centre. O2 for its part is pretty bold in claiming this cellular congestion won’t cause a crash, and to make sure, it’s even cancelled all regular maintenance and changes on the network between 28 and 30 April. So, if you’re going to try and catch a glimpse of the happy couple and stream it via Qik, you might actually be able to.

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Could the royal wedding crash mobile networks?