Although consoles are great for most types of game, PCs retain the upper hand when it comes to first-person shooters, thanks to the keyboard and mouse. Laptops are even more flexible, however, with outstanding performance on offer, and the ability to take it on the road with you, or simply close the screen and pack it away when you’re done. Read on to find our pick of the gaming bunch.

Alienware M17x

When it comes to gaming laptops, nothing gets close to the Alienware M17x. This desktop replacement machine has it all – it provides outstanding build quality, has enough performance to play all the latest games, and has one of the most comfortable keyboards we’ve used so far on a laptop.

Rock Xtreme 685

Aside from the sheer power, one of the best bits about most gaming laptops is the screen, with big, detailed and vibrant panels on offer. The Rock Xtreme 685 is a great example of this, with an amazing 15.6.-inch display, which is perfect for playing the latest games or watching movies in high definition.

Asus G53JW

A 15 .6-inch machine, the Asus G53JW is one of the most stylish gaming laptops around, with soft-touch matt black plastics offering a stealthy alternative to its brash, LED covered rivals. With features including Blu-ray and a 3D screen, there’s a lot to live about the Asus G53JW .


It can’t match the Alienware for build quality, but the MSI GT680 is simply the fastest thing we’ve seen when it comes to everyday performance. From the quad-core 2.9GHz Intel Core i7 processor, to 8GB of fast memory, to a powerful nVidia GTX 640M graphics card, this laptop is built to handle the most demanding games with ease.

Acer Aspire Ethos 8934G

Sometimes an out-and-out gaming laptop isn’t enough, and if you want your machine to double as an entertainment centre when you’re not playing games, the Ethos 8934G is well worth a look. This huge laptop features an 18.4-inch screen, which is perfect for shooting baddies or watching the latest high-definition movies.

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