If you think that’s a big , that’s because it was the biggest great white ever caught by man: The two-ton Apache put up a fight—at one point breaking free from his barbless hook, said expedition leader Chris Fischer.

“The battle with Apache was like nothing we’ve ever dealt with,” Fischer said. Once on board, the researchers fitted the fish with a satellite-tracking tag, took a blood sample, and released him, watching him vigorously swim away. “He was all scarred up and had big marks all over him—you could tell he was just a bad-ass shark,” Fischer said. “It was so impressive and so humbling to be near him.”

The 17.9-foot-long (5.5-meter-long) male behemoth was found off Mexico’s Guadalupe Island (map) in fall 2009.

04ac92416bshark.jpg 450x327 The Largest Great White Shark Ever Caught

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The Largest Great White Shark Ever Caught