Virgin Media has begun offering up a smaller box to existing customers, which has all the benefits of the partnership but with a smaller (and because of this cheaper) hard drive capacity.

As of this week, M+, L and XL TV customers will be able to get the Virgin Media’s TiVo service, for £49.95 plus standard installation charges. If you do decide to upgrade to TiVo and all its niceties, then you will have to pay a little bit extra for the service. Existing XL TV customers can get the TiVo offering for an additional £3 per month and now M+ and L TVcustomers will have to fork out an additional £8 per month.

If you are a new customer to Virgin Media, then you are further down the list for boxes we’re afraid. But Virgin is hoping to make its TiVo 500GB box available for new customers this summer.

dfdba4e2b4mf.gif Virgin Media starts handing out 500GB TiVo boxes

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Virgin Media starts handing out 500GB TiVo boxes