The new version of the .com dashboard no longer supports Internet Explorer 6.

“It has required increasingly complex code trickery to make the WordPress dashboard work in the IE6 browser, which was introduced 10 years ago and does not support current web standards.,” WordPress UX Lead Jane Wells wrote in an announcement this week.┬áThe beta release of WordPress 3.2 does not support IE6 either.

Despite its old age, IE6 has been stubbornly persistent on the Web. has even gotten in on the IE6 bashing with its The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown page. According to the page, 11.4% of the world still use IE6. It’s most popular in China, where 34.6% of its Internet users are still using it. Only 2.4% of U.S. Web users are still using IE6. We’ve previously looked into some of the reasons IE6 remains in use in enterprises here .

59d7bb0ea0o 1210.jpg WordPress Discontinues Support for Internet Explorer 6

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WordPress Discontinues Support for Internet Explorer 6