OK, we’ve seen Linux and a GameBoy Color emulator running on . What’s next? The original DOOM , apparently. Alon Zakai has ported DOOM to the browser. You can play it here . It works in Firefox and Safari.

According to Zakai, “Loading and saving games do work, but only until you leave the page. TODO: Use IndexedDB for persistent storage.”

Zakai compiled the DOOM source code from C to JavaScript using Emscripten and Clang and optimized it with Closure Compiler . The video output is handled by Canvas. You can find more technical details here and the source code here .

I remember when I first read about 3D games on cell phones. Now running Quake on a smart phone is old hat. I wonder what sort of games we’ll be seeing in the browser a year from now. Discuss

66b3df6b8bo 0511.png DOOM Ported to JavaScript and HTML5

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DOOM Ported to JavaScript and HTML5