iTunes in the Cloud , which allows you to download your purchased songs to all your supported devices, was just revealed at WWDC 2011 alongside ’s new iCloud backup service. We’ve been hearing reports about it for months, but now the dust has settled, there’s some bad news in the fineprint – it’s available to try right now, but it’s also US only right now. Fiddlesticks .

Apple has not said whether it will come to the UK, or whether its iTunes Match subscription service, also stated as US only, will make the cut. ’s new Music streaming service also suffered from a similar restriction but could be easily bypassed simply by using a proxy to request an invite. This one’s not so easy to get around.

We’ve contacted Apple UK to find out if it has confirmed plans for iTunes in the Cloud in rainy Britain, and will update as and when we hear back.

3370e56eadcloud.jpg 350x350 iTunes in the Cloud is US only – but for how long?

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iTunes in the Cloud is US only – but for how long?