The torch for the 2012 London has been revealed, and it’s a golden aluminum tube with a lace-like mesh and 8,000 holes.

The torch, which has been already said to resemble like a golden cheese grater, has been designed by East London designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. The 8,000 holes on the torch represent the number of bearers and the miles it will travel across the UK next summer.

The torch, featuring gold-colored aluminum frame, is being said to be the most lightweight in the history of the Olympics. The golden torch weighs 800 grams and stands 800mm high. Although the design of the torch is quite unusual, but has got a very unwelcoming response from the viewers.

According to the designers, the triangular shape of the torch symbolizes the three London Olympics – 1908, 1948 and 2012,and the Olympic motto of “higher, faster, stronger”.

Osgerby said… We wanted to make the most of pioneering production technologies and to demonstrate the industrial excellence available in the UK – it’s a torch for our time. Even though the design has got a mixed response, it is a sheer embarrassment to the host country, as their promise to make an environment friendly torch has been a failure as the torch will run on a mixture of propane and butane gas.

Few days ago, the London 1948 Olympic torch was on sale by the seller from Greece namely Artoneli, who said he bought the torch 20 years ago from an old man who lived nearby. He raised £7,500 for the torch.

847b74d5b8w88h6.jpg 449x350 Golden torch for the 2012 London Olympics unveiled

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Golden torch for the 2012 London Olympics unveiled