The first Chromebooks are now available for purchase. D

evices from Acer and Samsung are currently available via Best Buy and in the U.S. and at various online retailers in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. The Chromebooks run Chrome OS and are optimized for the web.

Pricing starts at $379.99 and goes up to $499.99. When Mashable ‘s Charlie White reviewed the Samsung Chromebook Series 5 3G , he said it “could change the world of computing.”

We do wonder, however, if the Chromebook’s value is lessened due to the availability of devices like the and Asus’s Eee Transformer. What do you think?

Below, a look at the Samsung Chromebook Series 5 3G:

It’s Thin

Its .79″ thickness is scarcely thicker than a MacBook Air, and it weighs 3.3 lb.

“SuperBright” Display

Even turned down a couple of notches, this 1200 x 800 12.1-inch screen was still bright enough. As you can see, it’s quite sharp and contrasty.

Chicklet Keyboard

Except for that missing Delete key, I was immediately comfortable with this keyboard.

Side Ports

Here’s where you plug in power, and behind that little door there’s an external VGA monitor port, another USB port and a jack for earphones or speakers.

The Other Side

There’s a single USB port on this side, and just the right place for a mouse.

It’s Called Arctic White

It’s a clean machine. There’s also a silver one.

Shiny Logo

No, there’s no backlit logo on the back, but at these prices, the shiny Samsung is a welcome sight.

Thin and Light

It’s small, but it’s not too small.

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