The Wii U is a next-generation successor to the Wii – promising to cater for all types of gamer and deliver top-notch graphics on par with anything we’ve seen before. Here’s everything else you need to know about ’s new console.

From the controller, the specs of the actual console, to the games – here is the lowdown on the Nintendo Wii U.

The controller

So far, the controller is the unique selling point of Nintendo’s new console. The Wii U controller features a 6.2-inch 16:9 widescreen touchscreen. From the demo shown at E3, the screen will be able to act as a mini-map displaying a players location on a map, be able to show positions of enemies, be used for augmented reality games, and inevitably more down the line.

The screen will also be able to act as a second display for the console. If somebody in your house enters the room, and wants to watch a programme on the television, you’ll be able to carry on the game on the Wii U controller. Nintendo says the Wii U controller adds a extra screen in the home.

Other features include an accelerometer, gyroscope, rumble vibration feedback, an inward facing camera, a microphone and speakers. The Wii U pad will feature a familiar six-button layout, with A/B/X/Y buttons on the right and L/R and ZL/ZR shoulder buttons on the top.

The console

Wii U will feature full backwards compatibility with the Nintendo Wii. Wii U will be able to play all Wii games. Up to four Wii Remote controllers can be connected at once. The Nunchuk controller, Classic Controllers and the Wii Balance Board will also work with Wii U.

Nintendo has said that Wii U will use its own high capacity 12-inch discs, not Blu-ray discs, however the capacity of these discs is reported to be on par with Blu-ray technology. The console will output video in full high-definition (1080p) where available via the use of a HDMI cable. Wii U will also take component and composite cables.

Wii U storage capacity has yet to be revealed. However it has been confirmed that Wiii U will feature an internal flash memory in addition to having the option to expand its memory using an SD memory card or an external USB hard disk drive. Four USB 2 .0 slots also feature, letting players plug in accessories.

The games

Nintendo confirmed a number of titles for the new console that appear to keep to the company’s promise of catering to all types of gamer. Among those confirmed are: Pikmin 3, Smash Bros, Lego City Stories, Ninja Gaiden: Razor’s Edge, Batman: Arkham City, a new Assassin’s Creed game, Darksiders II and Rabbids. A trailer was also shown teasing probably future titles that included driving game, DiRT, Tekken, FIFA and Battlefield 3 and a new HD Zelda game. Irrational Games boss Ken Levine was also part of the conference in video, increasing the chance of a new BioShock game appearing on the console.

How much will Wii U cost and when can I get my hands on it?

Nintendo has yet to announce or confirm anything at this stage. However Nintendo maintain that its price will be competitive. The Nintendo Wii, when it first went on sale cost £179.99, but given that Wii U will be a more powerful, high definition console, there is a strong possibility it will cost more. We’ve also spotted the Wii for £400 , although we suspect it’ll be a lot cheaper than that. A release date has not been announced, although the console is predicted to launch between April and December 2012.

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