Telly fanatics, start your engines: a Virgin Media app is on the way. The company’s just outed this lone press pic to tease it, and isn’t talking features or a release date yet, but we’ve pulled out a magnifying glass and scoured it for clues.

Click the image below for the full size pic in a new window.

ceca06f7bdad app.jpg 450x281 Virgin Media TiVo iPad app outed: Five secrets revealed

Here’s what to expect from it.

Watch TV live on the iPad

The Virgin Media TiVo iPad app looks like it won’t just be a remote: between the Watch Now icon visible and the TV and On Demand icons just above the EPG, we’d wager you’ll be able to watch both live TV channels and on-demand programming on the iPad itself. Whether you’ll be able to do this outside of your home network (abroad on hotel Wi-Fi, say) remains to be seen.

Control all your DVRs from the touchscreen

See the “Bedroom DVR” icon in a drop down menu in the top left? We suspect you’ll be able to toggle between all your Virgin Media set top boxes in your home, or the TiVo ones at any rate.

Remote functions

See the remote control icon in the top right? As well as acting as an EPG, it would appear the Virgin Media TiVo iPad app lets you use it as an alternative remote. Presumably, tapping that will bring up all the controls of the remote.

Share your shows

Oh yay. The prerequisite “share” button is present in this image, suggesting you’ll be able to tell your friends on and Twitter exactly what you’re watching. Friendly tip: don’t do it. That’s called spam .

Buy links built in?

We’re quite intrigued by the “Get from” button. Could that link to iTunes to buy a movie or TV show in question for download? Or maybe to Amazon for the box set? Fingers crossed we’ll find out soon.

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Virgin Media TiVo iPad app outed: Five secrets revealed