Ofcom has released its first ever interactive map showing UK speeds and it’s not a pretty picture for most of the country. While 68% of premises have a connection, the average maximum is a paltry 7.5Mbit/s.

Casting your eye over the colour coded Ofcom map also reveals that most of us live in areas classed as on the lower end of Ofcom’s performance scale with Wales coming out worst. Read on to discover the best places to live if you crave a speedy connection and where you’re guaranteed to be frustrated…

The Ofcom map reveals that Brighton & Hove has the highest take up of broadband services in the country with 80% of households hooked up but it’s not home to the fastest connections.

Edinburgh has the speediest average maximum speed at 10.1Mbit/s with Bristol close behind at 9.9Mbit/s. While 58% of UK addresses can access superfast broadband, the best place to be to get connected at high speed is Northern Ireland where there’s 97% availability thanks to a major investment programme.

If you’re particularly unlucky, you could find yourself among the 14% of UK broadband customers who receive speeds of less than 2Mbit/s. They tend to be in rural areas where the old copper phone lines are longer.

You can explore the interactive Ofcom UK broadband speed map on the regulator’s website. Let us know in the comments whether it’s right about the broadband speeds you’re getting where you live.

d5b7d0b83650x150.png Ofcom UK broadband speed map: are you stuck somewhere slow?

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Ofcom UK broadband speed map: are you stuck somewhere slow?