is a beta service from Google which is currently available only in United States. This un-official for Google lets you to play, pause, skip, reverse, shuffle, repeat songs in Google by just tapping a click from the address bar icon without going to the Google page.

Google Music extension allows you to access Google music from the address bar without going to the actual page. It lets you to do anything such as play/pause, skip, reverse, shuffle, and repeat songs in any window. You will also get notification of the song change too.

Features of Google Music Extension :

  • Scrobbling of songs (option to turn on or off)
  • Ability to “love” the song on Last.FM
  • Google thumbs up/down
  • Desktop notifications (toasts) of song changes (option to turn off)
  • Playback controls (Play/Pause, Skip, Reverse, Shuffle, and Repeat) in a button on the browser bar
  • Persistent “miniplayer” in options panel (notifications still happen unless toggled off)
  • Playlist switching (autoplay on switch) in minplayer and popup (browser button)

aabfeaf1aaaddon.png Play Songs with Google Music Chrome Extension

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