Virgin Media has announced the arrival of an Android smartphone app, with an version set to follow soon. The functionality in the new Virgin Media boxes has won plaudits, but the capacity to use a smartphone was always high on the customer wishlist.

With an app on the way, Virgin Media has now pushed out an app for Android (and iOS soon) which allows users to browse a TV guide and remotely set recordings. Listings That is, of course, very similar to the functionality offered by Sky for its customers through its longstanding Sky+ Record app.

Alex Green, executive director of commercial TV and online at Virgin Media, said: “We think Virgin Media’s TiVo Service is the best way to watch TV and our new mobile app enhances that experience by ensuring you’ll never miss recording a programme whilst out and about. “Our TiVo service already offers the most flexible and comprehensive recording options and features, which this new service complements.”

8f49d9d90bmf.gif Virgin Media TiVo app arrives for Android

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Virgin Media TiVo app arrives for Android