July 19, 2011 in Internet , A simple viral GIF image going around in + is just ripped off from a .

I was wondering how did they manage to convert a YouTube video into Animated GIF image, then stumbled upon this online tool that can create GIF images from flickr, YouTube , Picasa and you can also manually upload set of images to create a GIF image .

Gickr.com lets you instantly create Animated GIF online for free. It has 4 options to create a GIF image. You can upload images from your computer, select images directly from Flickr, Picasa and convert a YouTube video into GIF online.

Now let’s check out the final option of converting a video into GIF image. Go to Gickr.com/YouTube, enter the YouTube video URL, select the size of the gif image.

It has 50px to 200 px size width and also select the number of frames that needs to be ripped from the YouTube video and converted into animated GIF file.

Click on the continue button and after few minutes of processing time, Gickr displays the animated GIF image of YouTube video. Based on the size and time of YouTube video, the Gickr.com takes time to process it and convert into a GIF image.

Once the image is displayed, you can download to your computer, embed them directly on blogs, forms and share it on , Google+ and twitter too. Gickr.com/YouTube

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Convert Youtube video to gif online