Offline just like your notepad, but you can use it within your browser. Distraction free writing is what all we prefer when it comes to blogging or writing an important note. Recently with the WordPress 3.2 update , it has launched the distraction free writing mode where you can write blog post distraction free. Something similar to it, here is a app that allows you to write in a distraction free mode.

Write Space is a simple chrome web app which provides a customizable full screen text editor that can be used with in your browser. It is designed to minimize the distractions that come between you and your writing. The main two features which I love most in the Write Space app is presistent auto save that automatically saves the document with every key press so you don’t have to worry about losing your work.

Another major feature is the offline usage. You can completely use the text editor offline, it doesn’t need internet connection to work. Just like your notepad, you can use this distraction free text editor. Saves the data locally and not on some external server – this gives you more .

This distraction free editor by default opens as a regular tab, if you want to use it as a full free text editor, you can just by hitting the F11 button in your keyboard , you get into Full screen mode and start using this distraction free text editor. Or you can open a new tab where you can see the White Space app listed, right click it and select the option > open in full screen mode. You can use options panel to change the background color, font color, font size, family, spell checker, width of the editor window and more. It has in-built word statistics such as number of words used, word count, number of lines used, total characters used etc.

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