Although it’s only been in existence for a month , we’ve seen a number of +-related and services spring up across the web.

From directories where you can find new Plussers, to sites that will show you the hottest posts and even resources that will help you get more out of the service, we’ve rounded up 15 fab online destinations. As you might expect from such a fledgling service, some of the sites are a work-in-progress, but we’re bookmarking them in the hope they will develop into useful resources.

Have a read of our suggestions for third-party Google+ sites below and please share in the comments any other services you’ve seen that you’d recommend to your fellow Plussers.

1. has stocked over 100 categories with Google+ users that cater to specific topics — everything from “Master Ninjas” to “Geocaching” via “Knitting.” In addition to browsing, you can add Plussers to the .

2. Women of Google+

If Google+ is still a little too testosteroney for you, here you can look up some female Plussers to circle. It’s the creation of Lynette Young , who says she finds it “stimulating and refreshing to have a of highly intelligent women on G+ to read every morning over coffee.”

3. The Unofficial Google+ Wiki

This site offer some Google+ basics in the familiar Wiki format.

4. Pixiq

Plusser Damien Franco has compiled a list of photographers and photography-lovers who are on Google+. Franco also links to other shutterbug-themed lists, such as the one created by Google staffer Mike Wiacek .

5. FindPeopleOnPlus

This service does just what you’d imagine it might! With 4,412,227 Google+ users indexed at the time of writing, you can search by name, as well as other categories such as occupation and country.

6. G+

Rich Knight ‘s rather nifty tool does what Google+ doesn’t yet — search all Plus content by keyword.

7. Google+ Known Issues

Granted this is the type of sensible site your mom might add to this list (if your mom was on G+ and clued in, of course) but it is definitely handy for those moments when Plus goes a bit wonky and you’re left wondering if you’re doing something wrong.

8. GPHangouts

Giving you the down-low on where to “Hangout” at Google+, this site gives you an at-a-glance overview of public Hangouts, as well as the option to add yours.

9. Unofficial Google+ “Recommended Users”

At the moment, this service functions as a kind of “who’s who” of Google+, offering recommendations for the most famous folk in categories such as “Tech Entrepreneurs” and “Bloggers.” This makes it good for newbies, although we’re looking forward to seeing the lists expanded over time.

10. Share This Circle

Another recommendation site, Share This Circle, provides spreadsheets and links to influential users by category. For example, the “Artists Spreadsheet” lists 150 Plussers. At the moment, it’s time-consuming to add each individual separately, since Google hasn’t yet allowed Circle sharing, but we think this good-looking service has a future if/when Google does enable it. We’d also be keen to see them develop the “Circle Sunday” concept which works like Twitter’s “Follow Friday” idea.

11. +me

This fun site lets you quickly and easily create a Google+-themed profile pic.


This is the Google+ vanity URL generator that seems to be gaining the most traction. Have you got your name yet?

13. HangoutParty

HangoutParty offers a way to expand Google+ Hangouts beyond the 10 people limit by live-streaming the event to a broader audience than could view it ordinarily.

14. Social Statistics

Social Statistics not only tracks the top 100 Google+ users, but its “Hottest Google+ Posts” section updates every 24 hours.

15. Like vs. Plus

We’re ending our on a fun one. Like vs. Plus pits Facebook’s social recommendation system against Google’s with the option to add your vote. We do know that it’s not a straight up “versus” situation between the two services, but we love a good fight!

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