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Samsung has made a habit recently of taking a new technology and distilling it down to its sleekest, lightest and most powerful form but the company has outdone itself with the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Although it shares the same processor as a number of current tablets, it's lighter and thinner than any other 10in , and lasts for over ten hours playing video.

The smart design, with rounded edges and a soft, two-tone finish on the case, is clean and minimal, with only power and volume controls and a headphone socket arranged along the top edge of the case. 3.1 incorporates the main controls – Home, Back, Menu and Search – into the operating system, so there aren't even any buttons on the fascia.
Android 3.1's multiple home screens are customisable with widgets and shortcuts, and 's added an extra row of apps that can be accessed from the taskbar from within any app. With a choice of a model with 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of storage, there should be plenty of room for new apps; however, be aware that there's no memory card slot for adding more storage later.
Samsung has opted for its own IPS technology to power the 1,280×800 screen, and it's incredibly bright and sharp, with excellent viewing angles. It's ideal for watching HD video content, where the high resolution and pixel density make the most of the footage, and the two small side speakers put out a clear sound with a good surround effect. 
Samsung Galaxy Tab launches in stores across the UK this month and to house all the reviews,unboxings and stories they have launched the World of Tab at www.Youtube.com/samsunguk .

In this exclusive video we are on set and just after the Samsung Galaxy Tab photo with none other than Cat Deeley. She tells us why she loves the new tab and what she plans on using it for in the future. Cat figures out how to use the video camera and announces that she will be uploading videos over the next couple weeks to the World of Tab  www.youtube.com/samsunguk



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