The long awaited, final installment of the Gears trilogy is almost upon us, along with the third chapter of the Resistance saga (actually, its the fourth if you could the PSP game). Will both be worth the wait and hype? Which one will be tops? You be the judge.

In this corner we have Gears of War 3…

Not surprisingly, the last stop on most hype trains is filled with bittersweet and somber music, to be all emotional and stuff. Though the main reason why I’ll be getting my copy is for Ice T’s thrash metal outfit, Body Count. Oh, and the game should be good too.

Then you have yet another dose of “What if aliens showed up in the middle of World War 1?” If I’m not mistaken, there were once plans for Hitler to be a good guy in the game, since he found ruthless aliens to be more disdainful than poor Jewish folks (and good for him). Though that idea I believe was never directly addressed (oh well)…

… BTW, there’s actually four number threes coming out this fall, with Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 being the other two, but since those are later down the pipeline, we’ll talk about those when the time is right. Gears of Wars 3 is due on the 30th, whereas Resistance 3 arrives the 6th. Hey, that’s next week!

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