Whoever thought that national corporations don’t have a sense of humour need to think again. Entitled ‘The T-Mobile’ parking ticket, this is an innovative commercial aimed at having some fun with the public.

The premise is that T-Mobile will be turning a nasty surprise into a brilliant one for motorists across the UK. The tantalising video opens with a shot of some dreaded parking tickets, and then shows a man getting dressed in the uniform of a traffic warden. The words The T-Mobile Parking Ticket flash across the screen, followed by you’ll wish you got one.

The tickets are of course fakes, and instead of being penalty notices they actually contain cash of any amount between £5 and £50. The ads, which have been created by Saatchi and Saatchi are to bring awareness to T-Mobile’s ‘You Fix’ price plan. This is a great plan which gives the user complete flexibility over a short term 12 month contract.