Once again, the Marketplace is where misfit apps go to live on.

So here’s the deal for those who missed it yesterday: Phone Story was an iPhone game that was all about the bad things that stems about the iPhone… by detailing the child prisoners who are forced to mine the precious minerals that are necessary in the making of its components, the deplorable conditions of the factories that put them together, including the disturbingly high suicide rate, how we as a society pathetically bend over for with a smile on our faces, and the damage that eWaste dues to the environment… and which somehow managed to get past App Store’s approval process.

Though once word got out, it wasn’t there for long; in a matter of hours, Phone Story was pulled. Apple gave some fairly official reasons, like how the Apple logo was used in the game without permission.

But we all know the real deal: it tells a story that the house that Steve Jobs built is more than a little weary of. But for those of us who missed out, we now have a second chance, since the game has returned! Albeit on a different platform (and a few minor tweaks; the Apple logo from before have been replaced by a pear).

It can be downloaded onto an Android handset for just a $1 . Yet as Kotaku points out, the new lessons told apply to not just Apple junk; many companies, including HTC, Motorola, and several other Android phone manufactures use the very same facilities. Just keep that in mind, you holier than though Apple haters.

5359a04445story2.jpg 450x256 The Anti Apple game that got pulled from the Apple App Store reappears on Android

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The Anti-Apple game that got pulled from the Apple App Store reappears on Android