The 5 commeth. The rumour mill has been grinding with increased intensity lately, and while we’re still waiting for a firm release date, we’re now 99% certain we’ve seen the design of the 5. As usual, case manufacturers are the ones spilling the beans, and this latest one leaves very little to the imagination. Case-Mate has leaked images of its upcoming 5 case range (pictured below) to BGR .

As you can see, it appears to confirm what we’ve suspected for a while: a slimmer, but larger, design with a tapered behind. It looks more than a little like a shrunken 2, in fact. The mute switch seems to have switched sides too, and according to the New York Times , the images are “potentially authentic”. Even tastier, a source has been bleating that the launch of the is “just weeks away”. And now for the bad news.

Our buddies at 9to5Mac have been claiming there’s a snafu on the iPhone 5 production line, predicting a delay in the iPhone 5 release date and even expecting shortages which extend into 2012. Of course, this could all be carefully managed marketing from , just in case you were thinking of doing anything but pre-ordering the iPhone 5.

But then, you weren’t considering anything of the sort, were you?

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iPhone 5 design confirmed?