The writers at PopSci got their hands on an alpha model of the newest gadget set to take our pets by storm, the Sphero Robotic Ball, and they appear to have had a blast, rolling it around and terrorizing their co-workers. But will it be fun enough to buy?

The developers at Orbotix sure hope so, and they are hard at work on apps, such as virtual golf, virtual Pong or one where you send Sphero spinning through a virtual labyrinth. But if they don’t come up with anything that will keep our attention, the Sphero will surely be the best thing that ever happened to the world of online cat videos!

Check out the Sphero in action at PopSci and judge for yourself: awesome new gadget or glorified cat toy?

8a4337225200x336.jpg 450x302 The Sphero Robotic Ball In Action

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The Sphero Robotic Ball In Action