The world’s fastest supercomputer, the Fujitsu K, was on show at CEATEC 2011, with Fujitsu giving it centre stage at the company’s booth. The specs of the Fujitsu K are phenomenal.

The computer manages to do 1.8162 petaflops of workload and dwarfs its nearest rival by almost four to one.

Although Fujitsu had hoped that the computer would be able to do 10 petaflops by 2012, this won’t be the case but it’s still a staggering piece of kit. A Fujitsu spokesperson told TechRadar that the system is comprised of 800 racks that are slanted to aid cooling.

There’s 100 CPUs per rack and the computer can do around 8.2 quadrillion calculations – which beats Rain Man hands down. The computer was ranked first of 500 supercomputers back in June – at the 26th International Supercomputing Conference held in Hamburg, Germany – and looks set to be used by the Japan government some time in the near future, to help with the countries IT infrastructure.

We were going to ask Fujitsu whether the K would be able to play Crysis but then we looked at the thing and decided against it.

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