As previously noted , there’s a new finally on the way. Among the new features is 7x increase in graphical processing, which should mean prettier looking games, right? Pretty much.

And to illustrate this fact, a trailer for a new game was shown at ’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event. And here it is…

… There’s no question that Infinity Blade 2 sports the most visually impressive graphics ever, not just for a cell phone title, but perhaps portable games in general. Unfortunately, if it plays anything like part one, it’ll also be one of the most boring cell phone/portable games you’ll ever experience as well.

Granted, Infinity Blade 1 does have its fans, but I personally couldn’t get into the purely gesture/finger swiping “gameplay”. I’d much rather mess around with some full motion video title, like Dragon’s Lair . At least those have a built in reason why things can’t be more interactive.

Though I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’ll be downloading the game, once I get the 4S, if only to put the phone through its paces.

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