launched the Galaxy Nexus, and it’s the first smartphone to feature the brand new Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Although exclusive to the Nexus for now, it will be making an appearance on other smartphones, so we’ve been looking at some of the features it has to offer.

New camera features

Google has changed the software for the camera on the Galaxy Nexus, and you’ll now get a load of in-camera editing functions. Features such as a panorama mode, stitching multiple photographs, or just simple editing functions, or carrying out silly changes to snaps, are all just a tap of a finger away.

NFC and Android Beam

Ice Cream Sandwich is the first mobile phone operating system to take full advantage of NFC . You can already make mobile payments using older versions of Android, but Android 4.0 and a feature called Android Beam lets you tap two compatible handsets – such as the Google Galaxy Nexus – together, to swap information, links or even YouTube videos.

Face unlock

The ability to unlock your phone using your face is one of the most noticeable gimmicks in Android Ice Cream Sandwich. How useful it will prove remains to be seen, but it should at least impress your mates. Until they can’t manage to unlock the phone, anyway!

New design

Ice Cream Sandwich isn’t just about new features, either, getting a new look, new fonts and a change in the way multi-tasking looks. Overall, everything about the operating system looks more modern, simple and contemporary, giving the Google Galaxy Nexus the software to match its hardware.


On a limited data plan? You’ll love Ice Cream Sandwich, which comes with its own comprehensive data monitoring app. Showing how much data you’ve used over specific time frames, you’ll never accidentally go over your limit again.

627a52f52aize 11.jpg 5 new Android Ice Cream Sandwich features!

5 new Android Ice Cream Sandwich features!