announced two new forthcoming updates that attempt to make you feel safer on the world’s biggest social network. It also released a handy infographic that made its way around the world of tech news.

From that infographic, one seemingly small number sticks out: 0.06% of all Facebook logins are compromised each day. Since more than 1 billion Facebook logins occur every day, that tiny percentage actually amounts to approximately 600,000 breaches every 24 hours.

Security blog Sophos caught that number, publishing it in a post earlier today. “If you really like to make your mind melt,” writes Sophos, “that’s one [breach] every 140 milliseconds.

Based on this infographic, Facebook claims to have 750 million active users, half of whom login each day. Last time we checked the Facebook Press page, that number was up to more than 800 million users . Facebook must have created this infographic back in July 2011, when the site hit its 750 million users milestone .

 600,000 Facebook Logins Compromised Every 24 Hours

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600,000 Facebook Logins Compromised Every 24 Hours