is a useful service and a must have tool for daily use. If you’re a geek or internet addict, sharing files between different computers must have been really a tough task before , but has eliminated it just with a simple interface and easy sharing between two or more computers. With the recent glitch in , many users don’t feel secure using it. If you’re looking out for a switch from to any other file synchronization service across computers, then I would strongly recommend Live Mesh, it may not sound familiar to you, as because did not market this product much in the tech world.

Microsoft’s Windows Live Mesh is a data synchronization tool between computers with Windows and Mac OSX. It can sync files between two or more computers. Transfering or sharing files between computers has been made easy. You can avoid emailing files to yourself, carrying them around on a USB drive, or worrying whether the version you have with you is the latest. Just use Live Mesh 2011 and it keeps on sync all your data on the cloud.

It can sync files and folders so that you can access them from anywhere. It can sync with multiple computers and also lets you to remotely connect to any of your computer so that you can open and use any program you want. It sync’s with the program settings too (Internet explorer, Microsoft Office settings). So, enough of introduction, let’s get started with Live Mesh 2011. Simple, every microsoft product needs a Windows ID to start with, same goes with Windows Live Mesh. You need to sign in with your Windows ID to sync files and folders with Live mesh across computers running Windows and Mac OSX.

Live Mesh provides you with 5GB of online storage space, you get 3GB of more space than dropbox. Apart from basic functionality like dropbox – sync all your files and folders, with Live mesh you can remotely access any file/folder or any program from anywhere. Live mesh works on Windows , Mac and even through your cellphone. The sharing feature with your friends allows you to find who has joined or who has left the place and also you can chat with the members through inbuilt messenger .

Once you’ve installed and signed in with your Windows ID, microsoft takes few seconds to load their server and then you can hit the sync button where you can choose the folders and files that you need to sync with Windows Live Mesh. Don’t forget, they offer 5 GB of storage space where it allows you to sync up to 200 folders with 100000 files each, for computer-to-computer synchronisations. Each folder, it displays the devices it has been synchronized. Certain file types cannot be sync’d.

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