It’s not quite Moore’s Law, which dictates the speed of computers doubles every eighteen months, but it is true that televisions are constantly rising in resolution and size. Of course, there comes a point when it gets ridiculous: if you need a TV the size of a small child, you might want to look at your job requirements more closely. But that doesn’t stop TV manufacturers from going all out, and LG is debuting a doozy: an 84-inch “ultra-def” display. 

What, precisely, makes this “ultra def?” The overall resolution of the screen: it’s 3840 by 2160 pixels. That would be four times the resolution of your average high definition television. Needless to say, it’s stuffed with other to justify its price, which is probably that of a cheapish new car. It’s 3D, and you can control how three-dimension the video you’re viewing can be. It offers surround sound right out of the box. Oh, and there are 1200 apps for the thing, as well. 

When will this come to market? We’re not sure. First of all, there isn’t that much in 4K resolution; there aren’t even that many cameras that shoot in 4K resolution. Secondly, sometimes these sets hit shows well before they get on shelves. We know one thing, though: it’s going to look pretty. 

ffd0c502bb09x209.jpg LG’s 84 inch TV is ‘ultra def’: Four times the resolution of HDTV

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LG’s 84-inch TV is ‘ultra def’: Four times the resolution of HDTV