Available via the App Store, right this second! But those interested should act pretty quick. With a name like Battle Duty: Modern Field 3 , such a thing can’t possibly exist, right? 

Well, then welcome to the world of iOS , in which countless well known game franchises are shamelessly ripped off, with the key word being “shameless”. Granted, at least Gameloft tries somewhat to come up with a goofy new name for brainless copycats, but Imba Entertainment is apparently bravery and stupider… 

Imba Entertainment claims that the game is parody and satire. Nice try, but that’s a pretty flimsy excuse when it comes to shamelessly re-using assets from someone else. But then again, it’s hard to say if it’ll be pulled from the App Store or not. 

Even though it look absolutely no time at all for iMAME to be pulled , there’s still plenty of goofy games and what not out there that uses Super Mario sprites and the such. But hey, even if Battle Duty: Modern Field 3 gets yanked, there’s still the Android Marketplace!

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VIDEO: ‘Battle Duty: Modern Field 3′ is an actual game