As one of the best year’s for gaming comes to an end, it’s time to look back at what was also a fabulous year for first-person shooters, in a year that saw Modern Warfare 3 become the biggest ever entertainment launch. Could the next Call of Duty game do the same one year from now? Possibly.

In the meantime we’ve picked out five of the best first-person shooters from 2011. How many have you played?

Modern Warfare 3

Where else to start but the record-breaking Modern Warfare 3? The latest in the Modern Warfare series continues the fight that has now spread to London, Paris and New York. The focus on a tighter story makes Modern Warfare 3’s single player campaign slightly short-lived, but fun all the way through. The real meat is in its multiplayer. New ways to level up sees the level of players weapons rise the more they are used. Killstreaks have also been tweaked to ensure matches are fair. The new Spec Ops survival mode is another brilliant addition – up to two players can team up against incoming waves of enemy soldiers. Modern Warfare 3 is the year’s complete first-person package.


Arguably one of the 2011’s most original shooters. Sure, players still hot-foot it through linear levels shooting at stuff, but Bulletstorm encouraged players to do so in style. Players earn points for how they kill. The more more flamboyant the kill, the more points earned to spend on weapon upgrades. To call Bulletstorm’s single player campaign the most fun of 2011 would not be over exaggerating.

Resistance 3

Previous Resistance games have lacked the necessary punch to really trouble the big boys. Not Resistance 3. Resistance 3 marks an improvement in almost every area. Visually, things have been polished to such a degree to put it up there with Killzone 3 as one of the best looking first-person shooters of 2011. More importantly gameplay has been tweaked to feel just the right kind of smooth. A new weapons system sees a player’s most-used weapons increase in power and ability. One of 2011’s surprise packages.

Battlefield 3

While Battlefield 3’s main campaign lacked the verve and energy of Modern Warfare 3’s, but it still remains a must-go multiplayer destination. Piloting F-15 fighter jets, tanks and jeeps across large multiplayer front-lines remains as fun as it always has. And for those that like their online action with a little more cut and thrust, Developer Dice has taken the pleasure of adding Team Deathmatch modes.

Killzone 3

The best looking first-person shooter of 2011. Killzone 3 ups the scale in this battle against the evil Helghast. The game begins when all seems lost, but as part of the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA), players fight against all the odds. Solid shooting, some terrific set-pieces, vehicle sections, a well-told story and a terrific round-based multiplayer section make Killzone 3 another FPS game worth adding to the pile, and ones to try before 2012.

What was you favourite first-person shooter of 2011? Let us know in the comments below.

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