Asia Tech News reports that the smash hit Rovio game Angry Birds is coming to on Valentine’s Day. The release will happen fast, rolling out to all 800 million users at once as opposed to a slow feature rollout like Timeline, which first became available to New Zealand users , then to all – and now it’s being forced upon everyone . 

The big launch takes place in Jakarta. Indonesia holds the world’s second-largest Facebook population , trailing only the United States. With its entrance into the Facebook ecosystem, Angry Birds will transform into a social game complete with leaderboards so users can challenge their friends. 

 Angry Birds has been downloaded more than 700 million times, and is on its way to pass one billion in 2012. It has expanded from just an iOS and Android game. It is coming to Samsung Smart TVs as part of the Internet-connected TV future. Facebook is the next obvious move for the fast-growing game. 

 Peter Vesterbacka says that Angry Birds will even have a payments solution for Facebook. Zynga games CityVille, CastleVille and FarmVille currently own three of the top five spots Facebook app spots, according to today’s AppData .

 The Facebook game platform is expanding post-IPO , adding games like Hidden Chronicles which appear to rip-off of EA’s Gardens of Time. Zynga’s latest game, Dream Heights, appears to swipe much of Tiny Tower . Is a Zynga version of Angry Birds in the works? Let’s hope not. Discuss

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Angry Birds Crash Into Facebook