The latest update to our favorite password-storing and syncing tool allows you to import and export your Wi-Fi and store them as a secure note in the software. 

Normally your Wi-Fi passwords are only stored on your computer, but if you want to them between machines or be able to look them up from any internet-connected device you’ll now be able to do that. 

LastPass won’t pull your Wi-Fi passwords automatically and requires you to import them for storage. You can learn how this works from this LastPass help desk article . LastPass can, of course, also export your Wi-Fi passwords as well. 

The update also brings the usual and performance enhancements, along with a number of other minor features. 

dbf6bec8ec76713b.jpg LastPass Update Imports and Exports Your Wi Fi Passwords

The rest is here:

LastPass Update Imports and Exports Your Wi-Fi Passwords [Lastpass]