There are many wonderful, wonderful things about the : its design, its functionality, its apps. One thing that stinks majorly about it, however, is the pretty much total lack of printing support. Sure, it has a “print” button, but that might as well just touch off a laugh track. If you want to actually print a document, especially at work, you have a long, long time in configuration hell stretching before you.

Fortunately, there’s a gizmo that has your back.

xPrintServer is actually a fairly ingenious solution to the iPad’s printing . It’s simply a dongle that’s plugged into any network, from a professionally laid out IT system to your router at home. Plug it in and…you’re done. That’s it. It does everything else: scan the network for compatible printers, configure itself to send data to those printers, finds your iOS devices in order to interface with them, and also makes your coffee for you. OK, so we made that last part up, but this thing is incredibly painless.

The best part about this device is that it interacts with anything running iOS. Say for example you’ve got a contract to print up, but the only place you have it is your . Click Print, xPrintServer does the rest, and you’re done.

Even better, it interfaces with 4,000 different printers, and doesn’t require any driver installations. You can even set it up to accept any iOS device in range, so if a client has forgotten his documents, he can just pull them up on his phone and run them off, no problem.

How much will this convenience set you back? Approximately $150; the manufacturer, Lantronix, starts shipping them in January.

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