Your (or other iDevice) has but one button you use constantly: the home button. It has many functions , and so it’s prone to becoming unresponsive through heavy use and the passage of time. 

Designer Khoi Vinh has discovered that this is easily resolved with a little WD-40: 

In my experience, on not just my own iPhone 4 but also on my girlfriend’s, WD-40 restores the responsiveness of the iPhone’s home button to basically like-new condition. I just sprayed a little bit of WD-40 directly on the button, then pressed the button rapidly a few dozen times, tested its responsiveness afterwards, then repeated the process two or three times until it began to improve. Then I used the phone for a day or two to see how well the button did in actual use; I found that after a few days the problem ebbed back slightly, at which point I applied more WD-40. After the second or third application, the responsiveness remained indefinitely.

 Khoi also notes on his blog that spraying WD-40 could possibly void your warranty. If you’re concerned, contact Support or head into an Store before you give this a try. 

0bde96e83da4c39a.jpg WD 40 Will Loosen Up Your Unresponsive iPhones Home Button in Seconds

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