Not surprisingly, it’s kind of confusing. In addition to making great looking and super affordable furniture (which don’t last very long, hence why they’re so damn cheap), the Swedes apparently love tech.

Like Much Different , a non-profit that is dedicated to “the development of over-the-top technology” or so says their website. And there’s no better example then Man vs. Machine , which was designed to stress test their new networking capabilities. It allowed 999 human players to all go at it, in one hellacious display of gunfire and explosions…

It’s funny how I can’t figure how what the hell is happening in a regular death-match session, with just 32 players at once, max. Then again, the lack of any architecture helps a lot in that regard. Having each side’s firepower being easily identifiable also plays a good part. So it’s no more confusing than the skirmishes you saw in the old G.I. Joe cartoon.

And no one stays down for long, just like in that as well (though the person playing above is one of the better ones, compared with some of the other YouTube clips going around). Man vs Machine was just a one time deal, though it is hoped that the tech will eventually land in the laps of other developers.

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