For many years, most of the Internet ran on ASCII, a character set that had a limited number of accents and diacriticals, and which didn’t support non-Roman script at all. 

Unicode, a massive, sprawling replacement, has room for all sorts of characters and alphabets, and can be extended with “private use areas” that include support for Klingon. But for all that, I never dreamt that Unicode was so vast as to contain a special character for a “pile of poo.” 


Block: Miscellaneous Symbols And Pictographs Category: 

Symbol, Other [So] Index entries: POO, PILE OF 

Comments: dog dirt 

Version: Unicode 6.0.0 (October 2010) 

HTML Entity: 💩 

Here is “Pile of Poo” in whatever font your browser renders this page in: 💩 Unicode Character ‘PILE OF POO’ (U+1F4A9)

cc182184d2of poo.png Unicodes Pile of Poo character

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