The year has only just kicked off, yet already new console rumours continue to fly in from every direction: most of them surrounding the next generation of console, otherwise known as the .

has yet to confirm that there even will be a new console anytime soon, let alone announce a release date, yet the gossip shows no signs of letting up.

Here are five of the best “Xbox 720” rumours we’ve heard so far…

There will be two versions

If you’ve been on your Xbox 360 you will have seen the new dashboard update, which places more emphasis on non-gaming entertainment than ever. One rumour last year suggested that Microsoft will make the most of this by launching two versions of the next Xbox console: one acting as a Kinect set-top box geared for casual gamers and movie fans, and a fully featured console for “hardcore” gamers with a larger hard drive.

It may not be the only new console announced at E3 2012

A new Xbox is enough to get us as excited as a cat after a piece of string, but word is that E3 2012 could see the reveal of the PlayStation 4 alongside it. The Xbox 360 originally launched one year before the PlayStation 3, so if true, we could see Sony compete on more even terms this time round.

Xbox 720 will play Blu-Ray

A more recent rumour believes that the next Xbox will do away with DVDs to go all Blu-Ray on us – great news for those with growing Blu-Ray collections, and a step forward in technological terms, with Blu-Ray discs capable of a lot more storage.

Kinect 2

New console, new Kinect. The current generation of Microsoft Kinect only hit the shops a year ago, yet there is already talk of an upgrade. If rumours are to be believed, Kinect 2 will be fitted with a superior sensor for increased accuracy, and hopefully be able to cope better with smaller rooms.

Six times more power than Xbox 360

We all know that any new Xbox is going to be more powerful than the current generation. How much more powerful? Up to six times more, delivering better performance than the Nintendo Wii U, supposedly.

Have you seen or heard any more Xbox 720 rumours you would like to share?

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