As long as man has had iPhones, he has had the of making sure the expensive computer in his pants doesn’t get destroyed. He has used titanium cases, he has used Gorilla Glass, and now, apparently, he has just given up. Because we really can’t see how clipping the thing to the outside of your belt is really going to do it any favors in the maintenance department.

The Carabiner is actually hilarious as a gadget in a lot of ways. First of all, this isn’t a case: this is something that you actually install into the case of the by removing two screws, and then basically bolting it to the thing’s case.

Yes, they want you to pay $30 for the privilege of voiding your warranty and probably destroying your $600 phone. Anyway, once you have the screws secure, and probably buy a new case since any case that covers the screws won’t fit over the carabiner’s strap, you can now clip your iPhone to your messenger bag or your belt and look like either a complete hipster douchebag, or a nerd that other nerds view with pity and contempt.

Although if you call yourself an “iPhoneographer” like the marketing copy on this gadget encourages you to do, you are probably already beyond help in this aspect anyway. Especially if you take the repeated Batman references in the copy seriously, too.

2ac18c252309x206.jpg iPhone Carabiner is hilarious, also stupid

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iPhone Carabiner is hilarious, also stupid